Parenting Courses


Parenting Education Program

This course aims to encourage and support parents in their important role, through the education and discussion of family issues and skills in a relaxed and friendly environment.


The programme looks at the following topics:

  • Parenting styles;
  • Childhood development;
  • Relationship building (through the key areas of listening and encouragement);
  • Children’s self esteem;
  • Discipline strategies;
  • Family Growth (through celebrations and spiritual development).

Delivery: 5 sessions of 2 hour duration

Making Stepfamilies Work

Living in a stepfamily comes with its own unique challenges, as individuals adjust to the different roles, expectations and relationships. This 6 session course helps participants to understand the challenges, find new ways of making the situation work, and celebrate the positives of stepfamily life.


Topics covered include:

  • knowing your stepfamily;
  • the past and new beginnings;
  • stepparent roles;
  • children in the stepfamily;
  • the couple in the stepfamily; and
  • the stepfamily journey.


Delivery: 6 sessions of approx 2 hour duration.


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