Personal Development Courses

Know Yourself

The secret of successful living is often your own personal process. Learn by experiential activities why you may be biased, judgemental and non accepting of some people. Learn what is SPECIAL about YOU.

The programme offers participants 25 hours of face-to-face experiential activities some of which will be very meaningful.

Delivery: total of 25 hours. Generally held over 4 weeks, 1 day/wk or over 2 weekends.

Healthy Self Esteem

While our self-esteem is influenced by other people, the things we tell ourselves about ourselves have the greatest impact on how we view ourselves. Discover the negative messages you have absorbed and explore how they were acquired.

This workshop will help you begin to work with these long-held beliefs, and you will then be enabled to choose to practise new ways that will enhance your self-image.

Delivery: approx 6 hours

Living with Depression

Depression has been described by some people as, “living in the black hole”. It can be debilitating for the person experiencing it, and difficult for those living with them.

This workshop will help you to understand the nature of depression and what causes it. You will also explore helpful ways of living with depression, in yourself or in someone you know.

Delivery: approx 2-3 hours

Living with Grief and Loss

A workshop about learning to live in a different world.


We look at:

  • accepting the reality of the loss;
  • working through the pain of grief and separation;
  • adjusting to a new environment; and
  • emotionally relocating the self so that the person is eventually able to move on with life.

Delivery: approx 2-3 hours

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