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Bankruptcy no longer the final option!
Friday 19th of August 2005
"Bankruptcy is no longer the final option considered for escaping crippling financial debt - suicide is," says Mrs Faith Boehm, financial counsellor for the Anglican Counselling Service (ACS).
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Mental, emotional and relational needs of rural people ignored in the Federal Budget
Tuesday 21st of June 2005
Rural people who struggle mentally, emotionally and relationally with the impact of the ongoing drought did not receive any support from the 2005/06 Federal Budget, says Rev. Brian Kirk, Executive Director of the Anglican Counselling Service in the...
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Counselling Service Under Threat
Monday 31st of May 2004
Family Relationship Counselling and Education services provided by the Anglican Counselling Service (ACS) for the New England and North-West of NSW are currently under threat.
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National Families Week 2004
Friday 7th of May 2004
National Families Week begins on Mother’s Day and concludes on National Families Day on Saturday, 15th May 2004.
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Gambling Issues Funding
Monday 24th of November 2003
It's a sure bet gambling is a problem that's rising. Thousands of people in the New England and north-west have a gambling problem, but help is just a phone call away.
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Lois Reid College of Counselling Studies
Monday 13th of October 2003
It's no secret counselling services in rural and regional areas can be few and far between, but what's not so well known is the fact there's now a degree offered locally to try and address the shortage.
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