Financial Counselling

What is a Financial Counsellor?


A Financial Counsellor is someone who works, without a conflict of interest, as a negotiator and an advocate, on behalf of people who are at financial risk.

They provide a unique type of service, combining a variety of traditional roles such as a social worker, solicitor and accountant into a personalised ‘counselling’ situation. They treat the concerns of the client in a holistic manner, viewing their social and health issues, alongside their financial problems.


Financial Counsellors in NSW are accredited with the Financial Counsellors’ Association of NSW (FCAN). There are strict rules as to who can be a Financial Counsellor, the main ones being that they must hold no allegiance to the credit industry and act solely out of interest for the well being of the client. Their services must also be provided free of charge.


Based in Tamworth, ANI's Financial Counsellor is a Gambling Help Financial Counsellor and offers support across the Northern Region.


Funding for this service has been provided by the NSW Government through the Responsible Gambling Fund and provided free of charge by ANI.


Due to the specific nature of this funding, the Financial Counsellor is only able to help clients whose financial issues are related to gambling.

For other financial counselling needs, the Salvation Army has a financial counsellor funded by the NSW Dept of Fair Trading servicing Armidale, Inverell, Moree, Tamworth, Gunnedah and regions.


Please call 02 6771 4010

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