Winanga-li Mari Against Violence

winanga-li vt

  • to hear
  • to listen
  • to know
  • to remember


mari n

  • Aboriginal person


Indigenous Family Safety Programme

For over a decade now, Anglicare - Northern Inland has provided a one day a week counselling service in Coledale, a suburb of Tamworth.


Funding from the Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS) Indigenous Family Safety programme has enabled ANI to employ a full-time Aboriginal Liaison Officer (ALO) who is based at the Coledale Community Centre and offers support to the Aboriginal Community in Quirindi.


The ALO’s primary role is to work alongside members of the Aboriginal Community and develop strategies aimed at addressing and minimising the high incidence of family violence in the area.


In addition to providing a counselling service each week, ANI also conducts regular workshops, forums etc utilising a range of guest speakers and presenters from various disciplines, who are able to inform and educate community members on a wide range of topics related to family violence, health and life skills.


If you wish to know more about our activities in Coledale and Quirindi please speak to Shane, our Aboriginal Liaison Officer, on

02 6765 6531 Mon – Fri during office hours.

Client Feedback

A client with a family history of alcohol and violence let the Coledale counsellor know that since coming to counselling, he has now been 12 months off alcohol after twenty years of alcoholism.

After receiving a letter of support from the counsellor he received community service instead of a prison sentence (has had previous prison time).



An aboriginal couple age 18 & 19 with a 2 year old and 4 month old children were fighting all the time.

Since starting counselling they are now hardly ever fighting and have a greater understanding of how the other one is feeling.

They have acknowledged that they are sorry for what has happened in the past and accept each other's feelings.

They are now using strategies based on contracts that they set with each other.

Counselling is continuing but they have made great progress.

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